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The main purpose here is so I can share a little bit about myself, primarily my mountain bike log.
I got into riding just to keep in some sort of shape but maybe it's a little more than that now.  I've been riding a mountain bike since the spring of 2003. I'm on my sixth mountain bike now, a 2017 Trek Top Fuel 9.8.  I also have a Trek Alpha 2.1 for those rare occasions when I want to ride a road bike.  You can see photos of my bikes by clicking the button on the left.

I've kept a record of most of my rides since then.  I play with Excel so that's one way I keep track. If you click on the Bike Rides button to the left, you will see a multi-tabbed web page copy of the spreadsheet.  Feel free to check out the different tabs at the bottom of the page.  Personally, I think the graph is worth a look.

If you click on the events button, you can see photos of some of the events in which I've partipated.  I don't take many photos (usually none) when I'm participating, so what you'll see is photos taken my friends or professionals at the event.  I've done The Iceman Cometh Challenge several times.  Iceman is a 29 mile mountain bike race from Kalkaska, MI to Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort near Traverse City.  Another event I like to do is the Labor Day 30k in Milford, MI.   The Labor Day 30k is an event for both runners and riders.  It's not  a mountain bike race, but it's close to home and a lot of fun.

Yea, I know, you're thinking "doesn't this guy ever update this site?"  The truth is, I'm just not too imaginative.  So although my bike ride log gets updated regularly, the rest doesn't.

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