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A Little Bit About Me
Welcome to my Web page.  It really doesn't have any purpose except to give me something to mess around with.

On Saturday April 9, 2005, in a clumsy effort, I asked my girlfriend of several years to marry me. She said yes!!  We had a great day.  After she picked out her engagement ring we rented a movie.  To me it's a great day when we can take the time to relax and just hang out together. On October 1, 2005 we were married in a small ceremony of close family.  Ever since she and I started dating I've been a happier person and getting married was the frosting on the cake.
In November of 2002 I started working for Associated Spring in Plymouth, MI.  I'd been in the spring industry for over 13 years and getting tired (nice way of saying something else) of where I was.  This seemed like a good opportunity so I moved from Pennsylvania to Michigan.  When the spring of the year came I was looking for a way to get into some sort of reasonable physical condition.  One of the guys that I worked with was into mountain biking.  That sounded like fun so I got a bike and he guided me along.  I ride as often as I can.  I don't ride to win races or anything like that. I just ride because I get a rush out of it.  Swerving around trees and going over logs and rocks is just one of those things I enjoy.

The Truth:
The reason this particular page is here is so I don't forget the dates
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