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2019 Labor Day 30k

Iceman 2018

Labor Day 30K 2018

Iceman 2017

Top of the Mountain Dash or Crash
2016 Milford Labor Day 30K
Here's a Video

The Lowell 50  Fall 2016
It was a very short race for me.  There's much more to the Story

Labor Day 30k  2014
Appearantly there wasn't a photographer
But there was a video

Ore to Shore 2014

Mid Michigan Ride
Awesome Time

Iceman 2013

Labor Day 30k 2013

Warrior Dash 2013

One Helluva a Ride 2013

Iceman 2012

Iceman 2011

Warroir Dash 2011
Warroir Dash 2011
Warrior Dash 2011

Iceman 2010
My First Iceman

Iceman 2010
Iceman 2010

Labor Day 30k 2010

Bunji Jump
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